Production Day 3!

Day 3

The day dawned bright and sunny – and one of the actors lost his trousers – which meant that quite a few of the cast and crew were lost to the search. Eventually, they were found and we were able to get on. It turned out to be a bit too sunny, which made shooting difficult, but then you can’t have everything – it could have been pouring with rain.

The scenes for today’s shoot involved a Vicar – wearing a tight costume to say the least. When everyone got back from the great trouser hunt we were able to crack on – bursting at the seams so to speak.

Having finished the scene we went for a spot of lunch, which is when we learned that traffic cones and hi-vis jackets really are effective at keeping most people out. Interesting to observe – as was the sword fighting practice!

We also had several incidents involving the unexpected discovery of dog excrement (a lovely smell). People really do need to clean up after their animals even if it is a woodland area.  There are footpaths and small children running around.

Anyway, we finally got to the top of the hill for a take, when James (Actor) managed to accidentally lie down in a bush. After he was extricated, we filmed the ‘Big Fight scene’. Immediately afterwards the sound engineer had his shoes stolen at sword point, so that James could climb up a tower and jump off. It was something of an anti climax to be honest. You’ll get to see the results soon enough.

Unfortunately we ran short on time, so off we went for much needed rest and to prepare for the next day!


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1 Response to Production Day 3!

  1. slatteroo says:

    James wasn’t the only one to lose his trousers… 😛 I felt glad for the bloomers though – they were really airy on such a hot day! xx

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