Production DAY 4! Day off? No!

Since we ended up running out of time yesterday (Day 3) we had to do some more filming.

However it was a nice and relaxed & much less stressful than other days – until that is – people started climbing again.

As I mentioned somewhere back in Day 1 I think, we sent the camera and DOP skywards. This was rather amusing – for everyone else at least. Firstly James got on to the top of the fort we were filming in and then with a little bit of ingenuity we were able to get Vicky up there complete with expensive camera – all held together courtesy of the camera bag strap.

Despite the hair-raising ascent, everything turned out fine and we got some great shots of the fight sequence from on high.  When watching the rushes I put on some music, which seemed to match the activity. Brilliant.

Once we finished for the day it was time for a leisurely lunch! Basically we couldn’t move!

Then all we had to do was get ready for tomorrow! At least those scenes are in a Pub!

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