Production Blog Day 5 – That’s a wrap! (Well nearly)

We’ve had a great week of sunshine when filming outside, sometimes a little too sunny, but we managed. Now we’re working inside – and the heavens opened. I call that planning.

Unfortunately the car park was some way off! Without going into all the soggy detail, I think I was the wettest out of the whole crew and cast. Even so, everyone else was dripping as well

Once inside this oak paneled room, we set about turning it into a period tavern. Quite a task as so many of the artefacts and decorations were firmly screwed to the wall to prevent modern day villains making off with them.

I learned several lessons from this days shooting, which I know will stand me in good stead for the future.


Firstly, when severely pushed for time, things seem to run better. Two of the lead actors had to leave by lunchtime, which resulted in quick fire takes with no time for asides or general banter. Filming was tight.

Lesson two – hessian hides everything! Plus no one knows what period it’s really from.

So with hessian hung over the annoying lights, pictures and other ephemera, we’re ready to go. We’ve been lucky enough to get hold of period drinking vessels, but alas, much to everyone’s disappointment, they were only filled with modern day drinking water. However, there was a trip to another pub at lunchtime to get some folly sound of beer being drawn from a barrel. Since a good producer should ensure that nothing goes to waste, well there was only one thing to do with the beer really…………

We needed two different locations in this ‘tavern’ of ours, which meant some creative re-dressing and moving of furniture (I think it all went back in the same place). We shot everything we needed – so that was a wrap!

Once everything was packed up and sorted out, everyone collapsed back at base. The costumes still needed to be sorted out and checked off before being packed into the car. Now that was a sight! I didn’t know a Ford Ka could hold that much.

Now, there is only one thing left to say – thanks to everyone.


Thank you to all those people who gave up their time and expertise to support the film. Thank you to all those who have given financial and moral support to the project. An especially big thank you to our major sponsor, the Boathouse Pub in Falmouth. We’ve downed many a fine pint there whilst planning this project.

Without all this help, none of this would have been possible!

Keep an eye out for updates on how the editing is going, the trailer, news of the next project and much, much more.


Bemused director. A pint needed for getting the folly.


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