In the 18th century you have to make a living one way or another. Robbery is just as good a life as any other. Until you steal from the wrong person. The Highwaywoman is such a story.

Unwittingly a Highwaywoman, (who is thought to be a Highwayman), steals a set of highly secret State Documents when holding up a carriage. Two men, the equivalent of modern day intelligence officers, are sent from London in an effort to retrieve them.
After many weeks of fruitless searching, the two officers have a break though! Following the springing of a successful trap, the Highwaywoman tries to escape through the woods with the officers in hot pursuit.

Finally, confronted and captured in an abandoned tower, the Highwaywoman’s identity is revealed. Letters are recovered and she is sentenced to hang.

Happy in the knowledge that the papers are safe, the General in charge finally checks them – only to realise that they are not the one he wants. Is it too late to stop the train of events already set in motion?


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