August 2012

A fun cartoon about Highway robbery from the 1800’s

Our costume department (One person) has been putting together a pinterest board. Some great pictures on there. Really help set the scene.

July 2012

Firstly some great news we have managed to find a major support for the project. The Boathouse Pub Falmouth. The Boathouse serves great food and amazing drinks.  Check out there website or just pop up and have a look! We’ll be holding some events there in the next months as production comes to a close.

June 2012

First video ready! We went to visit the Pirates of St. Piran at an event and captured a little bit of it for you to see. Who does this relate to The Highwaywoman? Well some of them are getting involved to help us create the era! Enjoy

Check out some of the props we are looking to use! The carriage is confirmed! Many of them are coming from

June 2012- Press Release

This summer a group of passionate young film makers are aiming to bring the past back to life in a 10 minute film with the working title ‘The Highwaywomen’.  A short film about the results of the wrong carriage being stolen from resulting in chases traps and showdowns.

We are passionate to prove that a period drama is possible on a extremely low/non existentent budget. An show what young people can do.

The project has already gained a lot of support from some local business including Praze Carriages, Digs Cornwall and Subway but is still looking for Patrons of the arts to help support the project. In return for which they are offering a set of rewards ranging from copies of the film to executive producer credits.

More information can be found by either emailing or on the crowdfunding website

Bring a bit of the past to life.

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